Ever wondered whether there’s any hope in this world?

Life can be tough. We go through hard times. People hurt us. We make bad choices and are confronted with our own failings. Sometimes things are so dark we can’t see any way out.

There is hope.

Beyond our weaknesses, our struggles and disappointments is a God Who loves us passionately. A God with power enough to create the Universe, yet such tenderness that He formed each of us in our mother’s womb.

This mighty God wants more than anything else for us to be close to Him. He longs to draw each of us into His arms and fill us with security and peace. Many of us have wilfully chosen to go our own way, thinking we know better than our Maker. Others have hidden from God, cringing under the shame and pain of their mistakes.

God’s love is so great He paid the ultimate price to rescue us. He sent his precious Son, Jesus, to earth to live as one of us and show us the way to God. Jesus loved, healed and fed people and taught them the ways of God. Many found truth and hope in Him. Others spewed hatred.

Jesus’ life on earth ended abruptly when He was killed as a criminal.

At the time, His death seemed like a gruesome, tragic end. In reality it was an intentional gift – an offering made to the Father on behalf of humanity. Our sin – our fear and rebellion – had put a barrier between us and God. Through His death, Jesus acted as a perfect sacrifice, taking our sin upon Himself. By laying down His life He opened up the way for us to know God – intimately. Three days after He died, Jesus rose again, demonstrating He was greater than anything life could throw at Him – even death.

Now He has given us an invitation.

“Come,” He says. “Come to me with all your grime. I’ll forgive you and wash you as white as snow. Come and lay down the load you’ve been carrying. It’s too heavy for you. Rest in My loving care and let Me shoulder your burdens. I will teach you a new way to live as you walk with Me.” (Isaiah 1:18, Matthew 11:28-29, Colossians 1:13-14, Psalm 68:19)

You may have tried religion – a pattern of living that tells us what we must do to be acceptable to God. Jesus asks us to simply put our faith in Him and His sacrifice.Esther on beach

When we do this, we begin a new life as children of God. Our Father offers access to all of His resources – everything we need to live, no matter what our circumstances. Healing, fullness, strength, provision, restoration…it’s all available to us.

The creator of the universe has invited us into relationship. I’ve said yes and have no regrets. How about you?