The Resting Post – a place for weary travellers to lean, to be refreshed, get perspective and gain new strength for the journey ahead.

We all grow weary on the course of life. Our souls crave times of rest, when we can reflect on the paths we’ve trod and gain fresh vision for the ones to come.

The greatest rest I’ve found is in my relationship with God. By nature I’m a perfectionist – one who carries high expectations and strives earnestly to meet them – an exhausting way to live. I used to think that’s what God wanted of me. Perfection. Yet the more I’ve got to know Him, the more I’ve found that instead of standing over me frowning His disapproval, He calls me to rest, to let go of striving and just trust Him.

He is my resting post.

When I lean on Him, He calms my flustered heart. He takes the weight of the burdens I’ve been carrying and promises to look after them for me. He speaks words which soothe and inspire. He gives courage for challenges I’m facing. He imparts vision for the days ahead.

The more I taste rest in God’s presence, the more I hunger for a continuous flow of it. I want to walk through each day with Him, secure and at peace. I want God’s rest to be the very core of who I am – the anchor for my soul.

The wonderful thing is that He wants that for me too.

The prophet Isaiah expressed God’s heart well.

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.” (Isaiah 30:15)

We have a choice.

God is asking us to lay down our burdens, cease from striving and put our hope and trust firmly in Him. There we will find a rest far greater than anything we can try to create for ourselves.


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