More than ten years in the writing, CALEB award finalist, Skinny Girl, is a powerful story of faith, friendship and impossible breakthroughs. 

Here’s a quick overview:

When twenty-year-old Sydney girl, Sue Hutchison, discovered her sister was engaged, she thought her life would fall apart. How could she manage without her best friend? And when would someone love her the way her sister was being loved?

Desperate for attention, Sue began dieting, chasing the ideal figure of the 80s—lean and athletic. Determination quickly turned to obsession and she became caught in a relentless cycle of extreme calorie counting and exercise. While her body grew thinner and weaker, Sue rejected every offer of help, withdrawing further into her protective shell. Meanwhile, her university friends prayed and plotted to intervene—before it was too late.

Readers will follow Sue’s journey as she faces the dark roots of her eating disorder, learns how to forgive, takes responsibility for her choices and develops new patterns of thinking. 

For every girl who’s judged herself by her appearance, struggled with an eating disorder or been wounded in relationships, this story offers hope for healing. Honest, enlightening and ultimately uplifting, Sue’s story will remind you that with the right support, a teachable heart and plenty of prayer, freedom is possible.


What readers are saying:

‘This book touched my life in a profound way. I highly recommend it for anyone who has experienced any kind of trauma or pain.’ Christine S

‘My teenage daughter loved this book. She read it in just two days then went through it again slowly. We’ve seen an amazing turnaround in her life.’

“Thank you, Sue. Your book has provided a road map for healing.” Tanya C, Teen Challenge Tasmania

“Anyone can read and understand this book, including and especially frail and fragile people. Such a powerful testimony to God’s goodness and healing. I could not put it down.” Susie K

“This is a high quality, world-class book and I’d love to see it reach as many people as possible. I can’t speak of it highly enough.” Jenny Glazebrook, author of Saving Beth

‘This book is a must read! I cannot express the impact this book will have on young people suffering with (anorexia). Get this book! Buy one for a friend.’ Jared H, Youth Pastor, Awaken Church Wollongong

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